Where can I go to Apply for a Passport While Traveling In United States?

qaQuestion: Where can I go to apply for a passport? I travel a great deal and have to obtain my passport while traveling domestically in the United States. This process has been very difficult for me due to my lack of knowledge in this area. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank You.

Answer: We are here to provide those with guidance on how to obtain a passport. Or, renew a passport in the most efficient way for you. You can easily access the locations of where to apply for a passport by visiting the following sites:

Expediting services make it easy for you to accomplish this task. Passport agencies are greater in number and therefore more likely to be convenient if you travel a great deal. Regional offices offer broader services such as expedited passport application which allows you to obtain a passport in as little as one day. If you take this route you must prove an immediate need to travel and set up an appointment in advance. Also, you will be able to hire a professional expediting company to handle all your passport needs in a more efficient and accelerated way.

Check this LINK for expedited service requirements.