How do I Transfer Indian Visa from Old to New Passport?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I possess a Indian visa  that will expire in 2 years. I have learned that the visa will be valid if I carry my old and new passports to India. However, my passport expires in October and I am planning to go to India in November. How do I transfer Indian visa from old to new passport? I know that I have to renew my passport but I would like to save money on the Visa and am unclear on the rules regarding passport renewal process.

Answer:  What you learned is true for visas to a lot of countries. Nonetheless, you should transfer the remaining validity to the new passport that you possess. The approach to do this will be the same as if you were applying for a new visa to India, but it will cost less.

You will have to renew your current passport and it will be returned to you with the new one. To ensure they arrive on different days, the old passport will be mail separate from the new passport. The State Department recommends that those who hold passports should apply for passport renewal roughly 9 month prior to the expiration of that passport. Being that yours expires in October, you should submit all necessary documentation and the application as soon as possible.