Should I renew my passport which expires soon? I am overseas and visiting home shortly.

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I work in Asia and have a work visa to do so. My passport which expires soon, will need to be renewed while I am away. I was thinking about renewing it on a visit to the states prior to the expiration. I will only be in the states for two weeks and am concerned that I may not be able to get the new passport quickly enough. In addition, my work visa is based on my old passport so will I need to get a new visa when I get my renewed passport

Answer: You appear to have a short window where you will be able to get your new passport while in the states. Therefore, we recommend that you do so at a regional office. A list of the regional offices is below:


You can renew your old passport as long as you had it within the last 15 years. Although you can renew your passport by mail we do not recommend that you do so since your are traveling overseas for an extended period. It is best to visit the regional office when you are in the U.S.. For complete instructions regarding using “expedited service” please use this link.

You may use the professional services of an expediter. They can handle all the details of assisting you in getting the passport smoothly and quickly. They can also assist in regards to your visa issues.

In terms of a new visa or using the old one. We suggest that you attempt to get a new visa with your new passport. If that is not possible because of time limitations than we strongly suggest that you carry both old and new passports as well as the existing visas. It is always best to have all the necessary documentation as possible.