My 15 Year Old Traveling to Canada With Friends. Does he needs a passport?

Question & AnswerQuestion My 15 Year Old son will be traveling to Canada with his friends and their families this summer. Since he is 15 years old, I would like to know if he needs a Passport to travel to Canada.

Answer Being that your son is 15 years old, he will not need a United States passport in order to enter Canada. He will need to provide current proof that his is a U.S. Citizen to enter Canada being that he is under the age of 16. After his trip, when he is ready to return to the U.S., he will need a current birth certificate. Or naturalization certificate, Consular report of Birth Abroad being that he is under the age of 16. I recommend you find out if his friends are over or under the age of 16. This will prevent any issues that may arise while they are traveling to Canada.

If you will not be traveling with him to Canada, you will have to take extra steps to grant your consent. Being that your son will be traveling with people who do not have full legal custody, Canada Border Services Agency will need to see a notarized confirmation of consent from your son’s parents or guardians. In this case the notarized consent will come from you and your son’s father. Though you will not need to complete a specific form for the notarized consent, you must provide your son’s traveling dates, his parents or guardians names, as well as photo copies of their State Identifications. I hope this answers all of your inquiries regarding your son’s trip to Canada.