Can I get a passport with a school ID? What should I do?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I am in need of a state ID but cannot get one because I don’t have a proper ID. You see, I live with my dad and his name is not on my birth certificate. My mom’s name is on my birth certificate but she lives in Brazil, South America.  I need a piece of Identification because I am traveling out of state. Someone told me I had to go get a DNA test through a court with my dad. But that seems ridiculous and very expensive. Besides, it will take forever. Can I get a passport with a school ID? What should I do?

Answer:  Since you are a minor, you can not use your school ID to get a passport. Being that your mother’s name is the only name on the birth certificate, she must accompany you to the passport application acceptance facility. Being that she lives in Brazil, you will need her to go to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to complete form DS-3053  and have it notarized. On the form it should say that she is giving your father permission for you to appear with him at the passport application acceptance facility.

She will have to send the notarized consent form with a copy of her photo identification to your father. Your father will have to appear with you and submit the notarized consent form and a photocopy of a photo identification card. You will have to provide the completed passport application form, a recent passport photo, original or certified copy of your birth certificate, copy of photo identifications, and applicable fees.