Travel Destinations Question on Application

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: The passport application form has a question which asks about specific travel destinations. I am unsure where I will be traveling and it is most likely that during the valid period of the passport (10 years) I will have many varied plans. It seems like a hard question to answer.

Answer: Your passport is valid for 10 years and you are right. There is no way of knowing where you will go or when over the next 10 years. Therefore the correct answer in that area is NA.

At one time the “best practice” was to have a destination in mind prior to obtaining a US passport but now the government realizes that many people travel for all kinds of reasons and planning is not always possible. Just put NA in those questions.

If you were traveling very soon and were asking for expedited service you would be required to furnish proof of such an immanent departure. In that case the question on the application is appropriate. Be sure to bring proof of travel such as an itinerary or airline ticket.

If that is the case, you can request expedite service at one of the regional offices. Be sure to call ahead as an appointment is necessary to request expedite service.