Lost My Paperwork For Divorce. How Should I use Maiden Name on Passport Form?

Question & AnswerQuestion: I was divorced approximately 8 years ago and I am applying for a passport to travel out of the country in 2 months. I have tried to find my divorce documents but am unable. I checked the local records office and I am informed that finding the documents could take up to 7-8 weeks. Can I leave a question mark or a NA in that section? Thanks

Answer: It is the best practice to complete the application form as thoroughly as possible. By doing so you ensure rapid processing of your passport. Missing or incorrect information risks delays.

Very often you can obtain the information online or by phone. This is especially the case if you are searching information less than 10 years old. Most records are on the computer now. Old records are search manually.

We suggest you try to get the best information as rapidly as possible by reaching out to your local Vital Records office by phone and follow their guidance. Explain your urgency.

If you have been using your new name for five or more years, and you are known solely by this name then you can request a passport in that name.

You will have to provide a minimum of three pieces of acceptable identification in order to complete the name change. Any three of the identifications listed below are acceptable:

  • Insurance Records
  • Medicare Records
  • Deeds of Property
  • Military Records
  • Federal, State or Local Government Cards
  • Tax Records
  • Bank Books
  • Employment Records
  • Driver’s License
  • Early School Records

Accompanying these three identifications, will be a “Statement of Witness in Support of Change of Name” that have to provide. Two or more people will have to attest that you have been indeed using your new name exclusively for at least the last five years.

For complete instructions on how to obtain a divorce certificate more quickly, click the following link.