What are the Benefits if I Obtain a Second Passport?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  What benefits will I reap if I obtain a second passport?

Answer:  There are a substantial amount of benefits when you obtain a second passport. Firstly, some foreign countries will not allow you into their country if they see stamps or visas from other countries. For example, if you have stamps from Israel, you may not enter other countries when you try to travel there. Also, if your passport is needed for travel as soon as possible and there are delays in processing while trying to obtain a visa to certain country, you can take advantage of your second passport.

Secondly, An Economic Citizenship is a program that will give an investor or individual the opportunity to invest in a real estate project or economic project in exchange for citizenship in that country. To be eligible for the Economic Citizenship Program, you will have to provide proof of a credible history and sufficient capital for the investments. There are also other Citizenship Investment Programs you can look into.

Another reason to obtain a second passport is for visa purposes. A second passport will allow you to travel if you cannot wait for a visa to go to another country. Also, while you are traveling with your second passport, you can apply for a visa to your next destination.

Lastly, a second passport will ensure you that you have another country to call home. Or if you want to work and reside. In the case where your home country might restrict your freedom, you will find your second passport very beneficial. You can use your second passport to exit your home country which will prevent you from staying in that country.