Passport Submission Appointment – What is the purpose of a passport submission Appointment?

QUESTION:   I am in the process of booking my trip abroad. What is the purpose of a passport submission Appointment?  Also, why is a Passport submission appointment even necessary?

ANSWER:   We advise applicants going to a passport application acceptance facility to carry all the necessary documents. This will help to ease the process and prevent a mishap in the process. If an applicant is missing particular documents, then they may face difficulties in getting their passport requests complete. This will result in the applicant having to gather all the necessary documents that he needs again and then request another passport submission appointment. If an applicant is trying to get a passport in a timely manner for an upcoming trip, the lack of documents can halt the process. A  Passport submission Appointment is very important and is necessary for anyone applying for a passport.

People will need to obtain new passports, renew passports, add passport pages, obtain child passport, etc. In order to ensure that an individual will get service, the individual must set up a passport submission appointment. So more than likely, the passport application acceptance facilities will be busy with passport submission requests. This appointment will enable the passport application acceptance facility to spread their time amongst all the applicants and give each applicant a designated time frame to apply for their passport requests. It is a way of organizing the high traffic that will flow into a passport application acceptance facility.