My passport has not arrive in today’s mail? I applied Three weeks ago.

Question & AnswerQuestion:  My wife and I mailed our passports at the same time to be renewed. We both sent them to the National Passport Center in New York. The checks we sent separately with each of our documents were cashed on 3/20/12. Although we sent all of our documents and fees at the same time, my husband received his passport through priority mail on 4/3/12. On the same day, he received his old passport through regular mail. If we sent both of our documents and fees on the same day to the same office, my passport has not arrive in today’s mail 4/5/12? I appreciate the help.

Answer:  Although you both sent your passport applications and fees at the same time, that does not ensure that they will remain together at the passport processing facility. Being that the normal processing time is roughly 3-4 weeks, the applications the both of you sent can be completed and mailed separately. Therefore, arriving to the both of you on different days.

You should be receiving your new passport within the next several days. You can always contact the National Passport Information Center using this phone number, 1-877-487-2778 to check the status of your paperwork.